Crossfire offers full integration of all accounting- front and back office - and provides a seamless way to manage the business side of your practice.

Check your patients out in one step. With Crossfire, a walk-out statement is automatically generated that includes posted procedures of a patient's treatment status as well as an appointment reminder and school excuse. A ledger of all activity for any patient, responsible party or insurance company can be viewed and printed on demand.

The Payment and Interest Calculator assists the users to formulate the best payment for the patient and responsible party with ease. Using the sliders, the user can quickly adjust the down payment, the number of payments and the interest (if applicable) to come to an agreeable monthly payment for the patient and responsible party.

Contract payment schedules, refinances and mail-in payment coupons are easily alterable and accessible. All statements are customizable. Our system automatically integrates with electronic bank draft for ACH and credit cards and also supports credit card drafts and post-dated checks. Additionally, late charges and interest fees can be posted automatically. The module also handles Medicaid patients and we offer an optional accrual based accounting module if desired.

PAT Ledger Posting Pay


Payment Calculator