Communication is critical to your success. Whether sending information to patients, doctors, insurance carriers, guarantors or referrals, Crossfire Document System has the tools to communicate effectively. The module provides the ability to design and print letters based on patient and treatment information, merged with the images that you select, in any format you desire. The Document Ledger maintains a permanent, date-stamped, read-only copy of all letters sent to patients and insurance companies, providing a historical paper trail. The system facilitates scanning documents into patient files and storing e-mails, with easy access from a permanent, historical ledger. The system also includes the following features.

  • Direct email of documents to patient, doctors or responsible party
  • Batching of documents for later processing
  • Interoffice document approval routing
  • Integration of digital signature pad or a Tablet PC for paperless management

A paperless document management system is now a reality with the Crossfire Document System.