Crossfire provides customizable imaging solutions to fit the way you work. Whether it is viewing periapicals, digital X-rays, Cephs, photos, panos or something else, the images you need will be right at your fingertips. Our integrated permanent storage solution provides a place for all your images. Crossfire allows you to edit, import, export and manipulate images that work with most digital X-ray equipment, digital cameras, scanners and printers.When integrating with Windows-based systems, you will be able to enhance your marketing image and combine photos and X-rays with word processing to create professional correspondence. The Collage and Medical Imaging Modules provide additional presentation capabilities utilizing image annotations, on the fly cropping, 3D imaging integration of DICOM files and 16 bit X-ray file format.

CephThe addition of Crossfire Ceph enables you to obtain a more comprehensive diagnostic image by providing fast, quality Cephalometric analysis to our Imaging module. In addition you have the ability to superimpose phases for graphical comparisons and easy-to-use projections. You can select from 40 major analysts or customize any analysis to meet your specific requirements. The computerized Cephalometrics also allows you to show dental, skeletal, genioplasty, and growth predictions with easy-to-use projections, and to compare and display anatomical measurements to established norms and easy reference points.

Ceph Envision: This sophisticated case presentation program allows the user to present clinical problems, specific to patient age and malocclusion, and then to present treatment options according to your recommendations. Envision goes much further than a tool for in-office case presentation; your clinical findings, paperless forms and patient education videos are all part of Envision. After the examination, you can email or burn a CD of the entire presentation for the patient, including patient records, findings, problem and treatment animations, and videos, so the patient can review all of the information at home.

Envision Features:
Comprehensive library of full-motion videos, 3D animations, clinical and before-and-after photos.
Customizable treatment protocols.
Export videos or burn to a CD
Zoomable user interface
Fully integrated with Crossfire's Workflows.