There are literally thousands of sites on the Web that might be of interest to the dental professional. A select few are listed here, in no particular order, that are probably of common interest to both you and Crossfire. If you know of any that you believe should also be included, please inform the Webmaster.

We also welcome links to Web pages operated by individual dental professionals. If you have your own Web page and would like a link to it included here, just let the Webmaster know!

AAO American Association of Orthodontists
AAPD American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry
TeleVox Automated appointment confirmation software and other telephony solutions by TeleVox®
iTero iTero® improves your patients' experience with interoral scanning.
OrthoSesame SesameCommunications® puts your patients' appointment and account information online
ADA American Dental Association
AAE American Association of Endodontics
AAP American Academy of Periodontology
Dental Resources Dental Resources on the Internet