Other Features

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Crossfire provides features with the following interoffice modules:

Task Administrator: Sets up automatic staff assignments for various functions performed in the system, including working with past-due accounts, no-shows, walk-outs and many more.

User Assignments: Generates interoffice "to-do" lists based on practice-generated tasks and tracks current and completed assignments for each user.

Reminder System: Provides patient-specific, date-sensitive pop-up reminders as set by the office staff–one-time or recurring.

Conversation System: Provides a communication log for the staff's dialogues with patients and insurance companies concerning specific topics of conversation, such as financial and/or treatment matters, as well as easy access to recorded conversations in a permanent, historical ledger.

Patient Query: Provides the ability to search the Crossfire database using the fields completed in the workflow screens and enables you to configure the query structure to suit the needs of your practice. Increased functionality with Interactive Report Queue adds navigation to the reporting screen.

Fingerprint Login Security: Further increase the security of your system by utilizing finger print identification for staff and patient system login.

Insurance: Uses patient and treatment information to create printable or electronic insurance forms for preauthorization, single submission and continuation.
Digital Signature Pads: The addition of a signature pad adds paperless capability to the document system.

Secure Document Archive: Converts word documents to PDF format, reduces your document disk/file storage up to 90% and creates a secure read-only file.

Workflows: In addition to utilizing the various modules for a comprehensive suite of tools, Crossfire has developed Crossfire Workflows for increased efficiency. Workflows allow you to customize the software to the way you want to work and add fields to an unlimited database. You now have the ability to create a system based on your specific needs and business model. This tool also provides dialogs to users during use which assures consistent input of information and streamlined business process.