Make patient flow more efficient than ever with automated patient check-in, lighting and patient check-out.

Check-In: Crossfire enables you to automate check-in procedures and customize them to your practice's patient flow. The display of patient names is HIPAA compliant. Patients Check-In using keyboard and mouse, touch-screen monitors or a biometric finger print scanner. The arrival time of each patient is accurately recorded and you can even set up patient-specific birthday greetings and messages to be displayed as they check in.
Lighting*: Tracking features allow you to follow each patient's progress through the office, from arrival through departure and gauge the efficiency with which they move through your practice. You and your staff can know at a glance which patients are waiting to be seen, who is "on deck," how long they have waited, where doctors are supposed to go next, which stations are available and more.
Check-Out*: With Crossfire's optional automated check-out procedure, patients can check themselves out—similar to how they do at a grocery store. You can set practice-defined parameters about who can use the self-check-out feature and send patients who are not on the list to the receptionist. Using the system, patients can even set up their own follow-up appointments based on practice-defined times.

*An industry first by Crossfire