With Crossfire, all of your office's scheduling tasks are at your fingertips through our intuitive, interactive screens. You'll find ease of use, convenience and simplicity in completing the following tasks:

Accessing information: You can instantly access a patient's appointment and link sequential appointments to maintain proper treatment procedure. Expanded information in the scheduling screen includes patient and treatment card information, alerts and other vital information. You're also able to have as many appointment books as you have offices and automatically display all family members' appointments.

Email and Text Reminders: You can quickly send emails and/or texts to patients and responsible parties from the schedule. Simply select any day on the schedule you want to send the email and text reminders, create your message and click send. You can also filter the schedule for a specific group of patients and responsible parties to send a different message to, such as filtering the schedule to show only patients who are overdue and send those patients a reminder to bring in their payment to their appointment.

Rescheduling: Rescheduling and tracking different types of appointments are simple tasks through use of the drag and drop or the appointment schedule screen. You can also search for specific appointments and summarize a patient's appointment history.

Printing reports: Multiple options are available for scheduling reports and printing computer-generated appointment tickets as well as work or school excuses.

Easy viewing: Various viewing options and color-coded scheduling provide at a glance or in-depth access to appointments. Plus, "doctor time" scheduling maximizes doctor efficiency. In addition, you can create notes on the schedule, block time on the fly, view the number of patients and total revenue per day scheduled.