Crossfire’s Patient Communications (texting and emailing) service makes communicating with your patients, responsible parties, and referrals a breeze. The service is all throughout the Crossfire software, giving the user flexibility needed to provide quick and easy communication. Here are a few of the simple ways to boost communications using Crossfire:

  • The user can send a quick text/email from the patient bar, by simply right-clicking on the patient’s name.
  • From Scheduling, the user can send a blast text/email from a particular day on the schedule to all the patients and responsible parties. The user can even filter down to any particular type of patient based on status, procedure scheduled, balance due, birthdays, etc. The possibilities are endless!
  • By generating Interactive Reports from Crossfire the user has the ability to generate any report from Crossfire and have the ability to send text/emails to the patients, responsible parties and referrals. This is a very powerful tool to have!
  • From Imaging, the user can send any number of images to a patient’s dentist or referring doctor with ease.
  • Automated text/email appointment reminders, the user can specify the parameters on how, when and what appointment reminders will be sent to the patients and responsible parties.