Integrate all your patients' treatment activity into our Treatment Card, Graphical Tooth Chart and Treatment Planner.

Treatment Card* maintains a treatment history of all procedures to be performed on a patient while tracking all completed procedures and notes. The customizable treatment profile allows instant access to the information you consider most critical, in the format you desire. Benefits include:

  • A graphical timeline showing a patient's progress through treatment
  • Treatment notes and procedures in an easy-to-use list format
  • The ability to ensure that instructions to both patients and staff are acknowledged
  • Embedded forms in the Treatment Card ledger linked to a read-only copy of the document
  • Tracking of the minutes a patient was in the treatment chair
  • Easy recording of procedure specifics (tooth, surface, bracket size, etc.), integrated in the Treatment Planner
The Graphical Tooth Chart* is the next generation of treatment card automation. Utilizing a graphical interface, this additional module provides an integrated approach to all treatment information with an interactive tooth chart. You can record, update and view all orthodontic and dental records, as well as track all detailed procedures by date in the procedure ledger. Notes can be made and reviewed in the chart easily and its integration with Oasys Practice's Treatment Planner allows you to view the chart from past, present and future visits.

Treatment Planner* helps you to stay on course. Visual alerts highlight when a patient's treatment deviates from the projected plan, how far behind schedule a patient's treatment is and how many unplanned visits are adversely affecting treatment goals. Additional advantages include:

  • Tracking of the patient's expected treatment for the next visit
  • The ability to have one active treatment plan and an unlimited number of alternative treatment plans on file for each patient
  • A color-coded ledger to indicate which items were unplanned, ignored or superseded and which should be completed at the next visit

*An industry first by Crossfire